Simple, efficient and affordable solar power for family use.

Imagine looking forward to your power bill - and seeing your savings. Or: imagine not having a power bill at all - we install off-grid and hybrid systems, which make up for 80% of all our installs.


You choose

Our Operations Team has over 25 years of experience, working with some of the world’s largest solar companies. We know that positive outcomes are only achieved through informed and honest discussions, focused on your needs and your home or business.


It's time to take control of your home’s energy expenses, add value to your home and to reduce your carbon footprint.

The most often expressed sentiment from our existing clients is the phenomenal sense of "making a difference" to their lives and their homes!


We are very focused on conducting conversations, that go to the very heart of understand the technology configurations that will work best for you and your specific requirements.

Therefore, our first step is to establish a pathway through the many options, to the desired outcomes that will meet your needs in an affordable and robust way.



For any enquiries or questions, please fill in the form  below or give us a call on 027 INTEGRITY (027 468 3474)


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C: 027 INTEGRITY (027 468 3474)
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