Business Solar

We understand the different energy needs of businesses. The requirements of a pilates studio in the city are very different to those of a sheep station on an offshore island!

Our Approach

Businesses are facing the challenge of increasing electricity costs.

It can be difficult to navigate the technical side of commercial installations, but we make that easy.  Just send us a typical power bill for summer and winter, and we will give you an indicative analysis, recommendation and quote, at no cost to you.


Commercial/Light Industrial Installations

Large three-phase solar installations require an experienced & knowledgeable design and installation team. Integrity Solar recommends installing German utility-grade inverters - the SMA Tripower & CORE Series inverters are an example of a typical industrial installation. Quality simply can not be compromised.

It comes down to the numbers, and we provide yield and cost reference data to help you consider and choose your level of benefit.

Solar systems are designed to remain in service for 25+ years, so investing in solar essentially fixes all of your generated energy cost at a very low rate for a long period.  This can provide your business with more certainty over future price increases.

We pride ourselves in having honest conversations with our clients to really get to the heart of their business, so we can configure solar technology in the best possible way to meet each business's unique needs.  

Simple, let's get started.

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