Farm Solar

Farmers are long term thinkers. It's the nature of working on the land.

Agricultural PhotoVoltaics

Farming lends itself to solar, as harvesting the energy of the sun is what farmers do. Adding solar to your farming business unlocks the outcomes that matter in this vital industry:

  • Certainty of future electricity costs
  • Significant reduction of existing electricity costs
  • Extra generation for environmental and compliance solutions
  • Positive response to increasing consumer demands

Thinking smarter, protecting your assets and securing your farm's future prosperity is worth the investment in AG-PV.

Our Approach

We have a dedicated farming team who can analyse your power bills and  generate a detailed cost-benefit analysis. We provide robust forecasting to show you how much energy your farm could save by investing in solar.

This process needs to be honest, easy to understand and free - put us to the test and begin your journey now!

Our Farming Systems

Having installed systems in some pretty remote locations, we've learned the importance of two essential factors: 

  • Good design
  • Quality equipment

We offer two systems - our “Harvest” AG-PV system and our "Resilience" AG-PV system.  Each is designed to offset your farm’s daytime electricity costs, when grid kW rates are at their peak, and increase your energy resilience in the event of a power cut.

Harvest AG-PV 20 - 20.8kW grid-tied solar system, which can be upgraded to hybrid in future.

Resilience AG-PV 32- 32.6kW hybrid solar system, with lithium batteries for solar storage.

Rapid payback and savings from day 1 - sound good?  Let's get started.

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