Residential Solar

The economical benefits are undeniable, but the environmental wins are significant too.

Our Solutions

We offer off-grid, hybrid and grid-tied solutions to meet your specific needs.

Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems

We are NZ-wide specialists in large hybrid (battery storage) and full off-grid solar systems, which together comprise 80% of our installs.  We offer a free quote and site assessment to start the ball rolling, with a detailed cost-benefit analysis to give you certainty in your solar investment.

We offer:

  • Customised solar systems - one size does not fit all
  • An experienced design & install team
  • No compromise on quality
  • Essential warranty and 3 years free maintenance & monitoring support

Premium Large Off-Grid Systems

We are NZ's leading large off-grid installer, with systems up to 50kW powering clients from the Chatham Islands to the Far North.

From bullet-proof Victron systems (Dutch manufacturer) through to SMA Sunny Island AC Coupled systems (German manufacturer), our systems run entire sheep stations through to remote hideaways in the Bay of Islands - we've done it and can do it for you.

Solar can change the way you live and contribute to a satisfying sense of self-sufficiency.  The most often expressed sentiment from our existing clients is the phenomenal sense of 'making a difference' to their lives and their homes.  A great sense of contentment can come from being self-sufficient.

Imagine that.

Grid-Tied Systems

We have a no-nonsense approach to grid-tied solar - we design simple, affordable solutions. Send us a typical summer and winter power bill, and we will send you a system recommendation with a personally tailored quote - there is no one-size-fits-all here. We can even help with finance if required.

  • Simple solutions using the industry's most trusted inverter, the German-manufactured SMA Sunny Boy.
  • No compromise with Canadian Solar high efficiency panels, with genuine 30 year warranties.
  • Results that will change your lives and give you control of this super affordable energy resource.

Join the Solar Revolution

Our team is experienced at helping you understand how to maximise your investment in solar.  We can discuss with you the lifestyle changes that will help you benefit the most from installing solar.

For example, the more you can use solar energy during the day when it's being generated, the better the return on your investment.  We can install timers to switch appliances on and off during the day/night.  For our larger systems, investing in a spa pool or electric vehicle are good ways to maximise consumption during the day.

We only use highly efficient components with long lifespans.  It simply makes good sense.

Free site assessment & no-obligation quote:
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